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Rich Swingle is an award-winning actor who has performed on six continents, 39 nations and in hundreds of venues with his one-man plays and workshops. The dynamic nature of his work can fill as little as ten minutes in a larger presentation or as much as a full week of workshops. He has performed at churches, colleges, retreats, camps, prisons, a military base, theatres from Off-Broadway to The Kennedy Center, film, radio, and CD-ROM. For the Beginners Bible video series, distributed by Sony Wonder, he did 20 roles including Jesus, Adam, and the Serpent. He has performed voice-overs and on-screen roles in several commercials and over 35 film projects. He has performed and/or taught workshops in nearly 50 colleges or universities, including Namseoul University, Korea, Memphis University, and he co-leads a workshop annually at Princeton University. Rich also spoke at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action, hosted by the Harvard University chapter of Christian Union.

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Rich's work has not only a dramatic appeal, but is spiritually nourishing, and that's quite a powerful combination. Theatre has the ability to lift peoples' consciousness and dramatically impact our lives. The theatre pieces that Rich creates and into which he breathes life so lovingly and with such dedication, ascend to these essential heights.
—Kimberly Vaughn
Tony-nominated producer of Broadway's Swinging on a Star and Marlene, critically acclaimed director, performer and teacher

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Joyce Swingle has performed in four feature films: IndescribableThe Unexpected Bar MitzvahRather to Be Chosen and Mayflower II. Joyce has developed her own one-woman, one-act play, "The Shepherd's Daughter", which she has performed in the New York City area as well as in The Shepherd's Cave in Bethlehem. You can see that performance below. She and Rich developed Shepherds Reflect on the Twenty-third Psalm  for a performance in Taiwan. She has performed in numerous sketches at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene. Joyce is also a trained counselor and has a background in publishing, having worked in the marketing departments of about 20 major magazines. She left the industry as vice president of world wide marketing for Business Week Magazine to go into full-time ministry in 2006.

Joyce is truly amazing! She brings such meaningful and delightful discoveries to her character, which really makes the story work! HOORAY!!
—Ken Wales
Producer, the CBS TV series Christy, and feature films Amazing Grace and Alone Yet Not Alone

Excellent. Very truthful to the character.
—Dr. Alma Villegas
Theatre director and author

When Rich and I used to rehearse for plays and auditions, Joyce would read a needed role with us. I told her then that she would become an actress before it was all over......and, praise the Lord, she has. Joyce is a natural talent. Blessings.
—Mac Nelson
Writer, Actor, Director, Teacher

Joyce invites you to walk in the footsteps of the character. It's a riveting experience!
Financial Analyst
NYC Nonprofit

As my 'mother' in Indescribable, Joyce was focused, authentic, and took direction well. She gives not only a performance, but a compelling experience.
—Rebekah Cook
Actress, Acting Coach, Casting Director