Revival Is Going Global!

We're so blessed every time we hear how revival continues to spark around the world! Our prayers are being answered! Let's continue to press in! 

Here are a few examples:

Revival Goes Nationwide, Hits Theaters After 'Jesus Revolution' Film as Well as ORU, Portland, Ohio State
The move of God that began as the Asbury Awakening is becoming increasingly decentralized as it spreads across the country. It's popping up in all types of spots, from secular colleges to theaters to youth events to special church services, with passionate responses to God's outpouring of His Holy Spirit. Reports are surfacing of people choosing to give their lives to Christ after seeing the Jesus Revolution movie. Here's an amazing clip of prayer and revival breaking out in one theater in Miami, Florida....

Jeannine Brabon sent this video of her interpreting a pastor's wife telling how challenging but rewarding it was for her and her husband to get from Chile to the Asbury Outpouring. We now know people traveled from Canada, South Africa, the UK, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Norway, Haiti, Myanmar, Israel, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand, now Joyce's country of birth, Chile, and all 50 states! 

John Fornof (founder of Circle Creative Media), who's won awards for his writing, described his experience at Asbury University: 

Last day at Asbury Revival. Long lines of people. Overflow rooms.

They were only allowing 16-25 year olds into the Hughes Auditorium, where this all started. By a miracle, I got in. And I literally got a front row seat (front and center!) on the revival. My daughter Melissa was with me, which made it extra special.

We stood in a hundred-year-old building filled to the balconies with young people enthusiastically praising Jesus and hungering for the very heart of God. You could feel the hunger, the expectancy, like dry kindling ready to catch fire.

We sang the worship chorus “You are Good.” And then they hit the phrase “You’re never gonna let, never gonna let me down.” The reality of that phrase sunk in. The young people all around me were singing from their hearts...loudly testifying, enthusiastically proclaiming the truth of that phrase.

Modern worship choruses flowed into great old hymns, like “How Great Thou Art.” And the fervor continued.

Here’s what it wasn’t: It wasn’t spectacular. No celebrity, no names, no words on the screen. * No fancy lights or fog machines. A girl on a guitar, a guy on the piano, and another guy on the cajon drum. No agenda. No set schedule.

Here’s what it was: It was all focused on Jesus. It was repentance at the altar. Salvations, healings, restoration. It was worship. It was the word. It was worship songs. Some brief housekeeping notes. Young people lined up with their favorite “life verse” from the Bible. More worship songs. Brief testimony or two. More worship. A brief sermon talk. And more worship. Lots of worship. Amazing, beautiful worship.

*Despite denominational differences, by the third verse of the hymns, we were all singing in tongues.

It wasn’t spectacular. It was profound. I looked around, watching hundreds and hundreds of young people praising Jesus. And I savored the fire. Time now to bring it home.

P.S. Will this revival fire last? Yes! Here's how I know. Earlier that day, I ran into Allen Mather, a tall, lanky guy in his mid to late seventies, with a twinkle in his eyes. I heard him tell a group of Africans, "I was here!"

He was here in 1970 when the earlier Asbury Revival hit. He had been pursuing God and his degree from an intellectual point of view. Then the revival came. "I caught the fire," he said. "And I'm still on fire!" And he explained what it is: "It's the fire of God's love.
Here are John's photos: 

Pray revival continues to break out around the world! 

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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