The Dead aren’t Prideful: Overcoming the Spirit of Offense

This article by Joyce was posted to on February 14, and I forgot to share it in the excitement of the Asbury Outpouring

Lord, convict us of self-focus causing us to be sensitive to offense. Bind the spirit of offense away from us. In Jesus’ name. 

This article addresses one of the barriers to revival in us and in our communities. It also addresses one of the forces that quenches revival. 
When I was a young believer, I heard a noted preacher talk honestly to his congregation. “You are overly sensitive and hurt by so many things because you are focused on yourself” was the essence of his message. “Grow up!” might have been my exhortation.

Pray the article leads many closer to the Lord and removes barricades to revival spreading.

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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