Jesus Revolution Opens with Collegiate Day of Prayer

The team at Jesus Revolution chose to open on the same weekend as the Collegiate Day of Prayer (on a date set 200 years ago), but neither group knew they'd be drafting on the Asbury Outpouring!

Intercessors for America posted four articles I wrote about the film: 

It was also picked up by Breaking Christian News. The brief article included Cameron Arnett (actor in Overcomer, Running the Bases, I Still Believe) and I praying over the film and upcoming Christ Over Career events in Indiana and L.A.:

That article included my interviews with folks who saw it and/or were a part of it, including one of the producers, Kevin Downes:

This article embedded the original trailer, but here is a new worship video by Michael W. Smith using footage from the film: 


It included my footage of Jon Erwin, co-director and one of the producers, being prayed over at the Christian Worldview Film Festival, one of its first public screenings:

Collegiate Day of Prayer
You can watch the recording of their service, which was filled to the overflow rooms, just like the Outpouring had been. I suspect many who came for the Outpouring stayed for the Collegiate Day of Prayer:

Don't forget to sponsor a college: There's no cost, just the commitment to pray for that school. 

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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