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This morning two of Joyce's articles posted to

"Biden’s Weakness on Israel: Obama 2.0?": America’s current administration is on shaky ground in the Middle East, according to journalist Bill Koenig, publisher of Koenig – World Watch Daily. Koenig was interviewed by IFA President and CEO Dave Kubal at IFA’s Policy & Prayer Summit, in late October. [Read the full article.]

Contending for Life Continues in 2023": At IFA’s Policy & Prayer Summit, in late October, Dr. Ralph Reed and Dr. Alveda King, both seasoned veterans of the fight for life, encouraged intercessors to persevere in the battle. Reed, founder and chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition; and King, founder of Alveda King Ministries, spoke on a panel moderated by Mark Zelden, senior adviser of the Center for American Values at the America First Policy Institute. [Read the full article.]

Thank you for keeping us and our nation in your prayers!

Looks like this is going to stay up through Epiphany, January 6:

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