Jonathan Park Episodes Filled with Fiery Miracles!

I've been on a few episodes of Jonathan Park Adventures, but this time I was so blessed to be playing a major character! He is from a nation where my ancestors spent several generations, so that was cool! He is able to witness to an enemy, and a profound miracle happens to him. 

On Monday night there was a scene in which a prayer was answered before the character said, "Amen." Before we began recording we gathered for prayer, as we did every night, and that night I prayed that those who have seen prayer answered as they're praying it would be encouraged, and those who haven't to be encouraged to pray with faith that our prayers can be answered in that instant. While recording that scene one of the actors was having some technical difficulties. We recorded from our home studios over the internet, and he dropped off of our connection. One of the other actors asked me to pray, and before I said, "Amen," our colleague came back online! Don't you know that next take was even more powerful! 

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On the first night I recorded at Hephzibah House, which has a wonderful recording studio they open for projects with Christian themes at no charge. On the way up to record, I rode my bike past this Christmas tree burn pile and it felt prophetic! Having finished this recording window I have to say that the Fire of the Lord lit the way for us, and let's pray hearts and minds are set on fire for the Lord and the expansion of his Kingdom!

I was blessed to create with several folks I've worked with on previous projects. Before recording David Sanborn shared something I hadn't heard or remembered: I was in his production of Judah Ben Hur in Singapore in 2001-2002. He told our group that there were some Muslims in the audience who had been recruited by Al-Qaeda, but after seeing our production they decided not to join! For those too young to remember, Al-Qaeda was the terror organization that attacked America on 9/11. 

Praying this production pulls many away from groups recruiting for the kingdom of darkness and beckons them into the Kingdom of Light!

Clockwise: Our assistant director/production manager Allison Francis, our director Nicole Franco (who I've known since the 90s), David Sanborn, Oscar Corral (Wise King Media and Lamplighter Theatre). Some unseen colleagues from past projects: Joseph Narducci (who directed me in some Airship Genesis projects) and Rachel Marley Corral (MasterWorks, Rocky Mountain Filmmakers Camp, Sochi Olympics, Wise King Media, and Lamplighter Theatre).

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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