My appearance on Election Night

I was blessed to report on New York politicians during the Election Night coverage on My appearance is at the 17:28 mark: 

Brighteon is a great, free source for independent journalism, and it's not owned by one of the six companies or run by one of the 232 media executives that control the narrative of 90% of American media

Have a blessed Veterans Day!

Five Bells for 9/11 should be done ESPECIALLY on Memorial and Veterans Day. On the latter two official national holidays - we remember those in uniform, but with Sept 11th....Rich’s show reminds us that we must also remember civilians who wore a uniform of 'HONOR' the man who ran towards the towers and not away.
-- Cheryl Felicia Rhoads
The voice of Liberty the Eagle in Star Spangled Adventures
Ben Carson's American Cornerstone Institute

Consider booking the one-man play in your community next year at this time. 

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