Giving Thanks on Pray with Others Live

A blessed Thanksgiving to all! 

We've very grateful for all of you who have kept us in your prayers as you've been following us over the years and decades! 

Here are the Thanksgiving proclamations by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, preceded by the wisdom of Dutch Sheets: A Thanksgiving Prayer.

Tuesday morning my article on three Pilgrim projects I'm a part of posted to "Pilgrims Past, Future… and Present."

The projects were Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims, Mayflower II, and an upcoming mini series written by Keith Perna, who wrote and directed It's a Life Worth Living and Christmas Grace

Then, Joyce and I were two of the guests on Pray with Others Live today for a special Thanksgiving episode:

Here are previous articles and interviews I mentioned about Lifemark, Christ Over Career, and What's a Girl to Do?

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In Mayflower II we play a couple in the not-so-distant future who host an illegal Bible study that uses Scripture that's been deleted from the government-approved version. Rich's character is an engineer working on the Mayflower II, a spacecraft built to take believers to Mars, the only place left for religious freedom... or is it?
In Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims I play several voices, including Richard Clyfton, the first pastor of the Pilgrims when they separated from the Church of England to avoid government control. 

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