Durham Nativity School

As we shift from Thanksgiving to Advent, you may think I've chosen to post this because Nativity is in the name of this wonderful school, where I got to perform and coach. It's actually because I spent some of Thanksgiving reflecting on the Lord's goodness in the year so far, as I prepare our Christmas letter. This year I'm linking to reports from the 13 states plus Washington, D.C., where I've done something this year, and I realized I'd never posted something on this remarkable school! 

I was so blessed to collaborate with Christina Vincent and her drama students to create a new work showing the history of Durham Nativity School. I was honored to portray their founder, the late Dr. Joe Moylan, and even got to wear his lab coat from when he was an ER surgeon at Duke University’s hospital. Operating on young boys who were injured by gang violence inspired him to start the school.

The students were AMAZING! They were unbelievably focused and disciplined for sixth through eighth graders! What an absolute joy!!!

Views of the Manger will be live-streamed on www.BCONLove.org. Spanish subtitles only at the live event in Butler, NJ.

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