Headline Prayer Live

Today was our first appearance on Headline Prayer Live... only because that's the new name of Pray with Others Live, which we've been on for a while. The new name is a better description of what we do: lead people in praying through articles posted to www.HeadlinePrayer.org

We had an important program today. I hope you'll join us in prayer as you're able. We covered a number of articles today, including one I wrote, "How to Pray for a ‘Post-Constitutional’ America." 

If you don't have time to watch the program before 3:45 p.m. Eastern today I urge you to read this article, which I addressed, and take action: "URGENT Prayer Needed NOW!"

Click the image to watch today's program...

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Famous Last Words

I played a few roles alongside my friends and colleagues Rachel Marley and Nato Jacobson in a new podcast called Famous Last Words. In Episode 2, I play some minor roles and Sir Isaac Newton. It's produced by Ethan Hill, whose wonderful family worked with me on A Matter of Perspective.

In A Matter of Perspective, I play a disgruntled office worker, whose life is disrupted in a way that reminds him of his first love.

Crown of Success

I play Mr. Alphabet in this delightful children's story, The Crown of Success, an audio drama produced by Lamplighter Theatre. 

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat www.RichDrama.com/Pentecost.

IFA Policy & Prayer Summit Overview

Joyce and I covered Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit. Here's the first in a series of articles about the event and the speakers:

IFA Policy & Prayer Summit Exceeds Expectations

Lord, may the impact of the Policy & Prayer Summit resound through the halls of government in 2023 and the years to come. In Jesus’ name.
IFA’s inaugural Policy & Prayer Summit (Oct. 24–26) exceeded expectations, with more than 60 intercessors, including 17 state prayer leaders, in attendance. The summit ran for three days and combined intercession with speeches from such policy experts as Ambassador Sam Brownback, Dr. Ralph Reed, and Dr. Alveda Scott King. Recording artist Natasha Owens led worship through music.

Read the whole article by clicking here, and join Joyce and I on Tuesday for Pray with Others Live, when we're planning to cover more of our articles about this tremendous event: www.RichDrama.com/Prayer.

Views of the Manger will be live-streamed on www.BCONLove.org. Spanish subtitles only at the live event in Butler, NJ.

Durham Nativity School

As we shift from Thanksgiving to Advent, you may think I've chosen to post this because Nativity is in the name of this wonderful school, where I got to perform and coach. It's actually because I spent some of Thanksgiving reflecting on the Lord's goodness in the year so far, as I prepare our Christmas letter. This year I'm linking to reports from the 13 states plus Washington, D.C., where I've done something this year, and I realized I'd never posted something on this remarkable school! 

I was so blessed to collaborate with Christina Vincent and her drama students to create a new work showing the history of Durham Nativity School. I was honored to portray their founder, the late Dr. Joe Moylan, and even got to wear his lab coat from when he was an ER surgeon at Duke University’s hospital. Operating on young boys who were injured by gang violence inspired him to start the school.

The students were AMAZING! They were unbelievably focused and disciplined for sixth through eighth graders! What an absolute joy!!!

Views of the Manger will be live-streamed on www.BCONLove.org. Spanish subtitles only at the live event in Butler, NJ.

Giving Thanks on Pray with Others Live

A blessed Thanksgiving to all! 

We've very grateful for all of you who have kept us in your prayers as you've been following us over the years and decades! 

Here are the Thanksgiving proclamations by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, preceded by the wisdom of Dutch Sheets: A Thanksgiving Prayer.

Tuesday morning my article on three Pilgrim projects I'm a part of posted to www.HeadlinePrayer.org: "Pilgrims Past, Future… and Present."

The projects were Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims, Mayflower II, and an upcoming mini series written by Keith Perna, who wrote and directed It's a Life Worth Living and Christmas Grace

Then, Joyce and I were two of the guests on Pray with Others Live today for a special Thanksgiving episode:

Here are previous articles and interviews I mentioned about Lifemark, Christ Over Career, and What's a Girl to Do?

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In Mayflower II we play a couple in the not-so-distant future who host an illegal Bible study that uses Scripture that's been deleted from the government-approved version. Rich's character is an engineer working on the Mayflower II, a spacecraft built to take believers to Mars, the only place left for religious freedom... or is it?
In Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims I play several voices, including Richard Clyfton, the first pastor of the Pilgrims when they separated from the Church of England to avoid government control. 

Meet Love

Joyce teaches on 1 Cor. 12:31-13:13 with the congregation of Hope Community Church in Manasquan, NJ. 

Click the arrow below, or if you're reading this in an email you can click this link, to play the service:

This service is available for download free on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to our podcast. Search for "Westchester Chapel" on the iTunes Store.

If you want to know more about starting a relationship with Jesus Christ visit www.WestchesterChapel.org/Salvation.

Photo courtesy of NicolettiPhoto.com.

Here's a love story for you: I play a lead in Providence, tracking the relationship of two people over 40 years.

Interview After Performance at the Carnegie Hall of Kansas

I recently performed I Dreamed I Was Free at the Brown Grand Opera House, which I'm calling the Carnegie Hall of Kansas. The Brown Grand recently celebrated its 115th birthday. 

Former Civil War officer Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte Brown had the opera house built with inspirations from the architecture of the Ford Theatre, so just before covering Let Us Worship in Washington, D.C., we toured the Ford, where President Lincoln was shot. One of the differences is that the Brown Grand has a second balcony, whereas the Ford has one.

After performing I Dreamed I Was Free I struck up a conversation with a young man who mentioned that he's starting up a podcast, Scripture Vectors. I asked if he'd want to interview me, and so we did it right on the spot! It just posted today: Rich Swingle Interview About John Woolman and Sharing our Faith.

The day after I Dreamed I Was Free I spoke to Teens in Christ and led them in Enacted Prayer. From there we walked to a local park and I performed Big Fish Little Worm. How wonderful to have the words of Scripture amplified through Concordia, KS! The local paper even picked it up...

I Dreamed I Was Free tells the story of Quaker abolitionist John Woolman, who spoke against slavery a century before our Civil War.

My appearance on Election Night

I was blessed to report on New York politicians during the Election Night coverage on www.Brighteon.tv. My appearance is at the 17:28 mark: 

Brighteon is a great, free source for independent journalism, and it's not owned by one of the six companies or run by one of the 232 media executives that control the narrative of 90% of American media

Have a blessed Veterans Day!

Five Bells for 9/11 should be done ESPECIALLY on Memorial and Veterans Day. On the latter two official national holidays - we remember those in uniform, but with Sept 11th....Rich’s show reminds us that we must also remember civilians who wore a uniform of 'HONOR'...like the man who ran towards the towers and not away.
-- Cheryl Felicia Rhoads
The voice of Liberty the Eagle in Star Spangled Adventures
Ben Carson's American Cornerstone Institute

Consider booking the one-man play in your community next year at this time. 

A Matter of Life and Death

This morning my article on Janet Porter, show runner for What's a Girl to Do, ran on www.HeadlinePrayer.org:

Lord, remove confusion in Michigan, and prompt those to vote for righteousness who are against infanticide and the criminalizing of parents for preventing their children from cutting off healthy body parts!

What is a matter of life and death? Abortion on the ballots of five states and as a major factor in every race across the nation. Author Janet Porter, the architect of a heartbeat bill, is speaking throughout Michigan to make people aware of that state’s Proposal 3. The Michigan Catholic Conference warns that this measure seeks to create an amendment to the state constitution to: 

legalize abortion at any time in pregnancy for any reason. 
allow abortions to be performed by anyone, even those without a medical license. 
allow any person to help teens obtain abortions without their parents knowing. 
protect abortion providers from penalties for killing or injuring a woman during an abortion. 
revoke state law that requires abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected. 
require taxpayers to pay for abortions.

Typically Joyce and I are on Pray with Others Live on the second and fifth Tuesday every month to lead people in praying through our articles and others. Today they had three state prayer leaders reporting on last night's prayer meetings, which happened in all fifty states. Then they hosted Catherine Englebrecht founder of True the Vote, the masterminds behind uncovering election theft featured on 2000 Mules. She reported on her eight days in prison, at least some of which was spent in solitary confinement! You can watch the program here.

It occurred to me that the timing of her imprisonment, along with Gregg Phillips, a contractor who has partnered with True the Vote, was in the run-up to the Midterm Election. Praise the Lord they made it out in time for the actual day! I’m certain this helped raise up leadership in their team, and it was wonderful to hear that they used their time well! I was particularly blessed to hear that they were both able to stay in the Word of God every day. Unbelievable that they were put in solitary confinement, usually reserved for those who are unruly. It feels like a chapter from Tortured for Christ, and how the communists treated Richard Wurmbrand in Romania! 

Lord, use this imprisonment to wake people up to the communist take-over of our nation that is being attempted! May we strike it down this day!!!

Here are the videos embedded in today's article, starting with my interview with Porter:

Here are clips of Porter speaking in Michigan:

This dramatization exposes the nuances of Proposition 3: 

And this is a profound animation IFA already posted, but it's a great way to share with those who don't understand what abortion is and why it's so important to pray for people and policies that value life in the womb:

I was also interviewed recently by Dr. John Diamond on his show America Unhinged on www.Brighteon.tv

Please don't neglect your constitutional right to vote, and I pray that your vote is an extension of your walk with the Lord. "A Matter of Life and Death" I post statistics that make it clear we can point our nation back to godly values, if we'll get out and vote. 

If you don't have a personal relationship with the Lord, you can: www.RichDrama.com/MyPassion.

Tonight I'll be reporting on New York election results on www.Brighteon.tv. Coverage will run between 6 and 11 p.m., and I'll be on during the 8 p.m. hour, Eastern Time.

Let Us Worship at All 50 Capitols

Joyce and I shared a byline for the first time on www.HeadlinePrayer.org: "Let Us Worship at All 50 Capitals."

See the rest of Olympic champion Eric Liddell's Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance

Jesus Revolution

My intro to the new trailer and new poster for Jesus Revolution posted on www.HeadlinePrayer.org: "The Jesus Revolution Is Coming!" The article has a link to free tickets! 


I'm always so blessed by the comments people leave, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article. I just had to share this one from Linda:

My husband and I met in San Francisco in 1962 and plunged for 14 years into the occult/psychedelic New Age “revival” that exploded throughout the Bay Area. In the mid-80s, we returned to college in Oregon to try to make something of ourselves, but we continued to be plagued by sin, the devil, and our lostness. In 1976, not long after I graduated, I got uterine cancer & was scheduled for a hysterectomy. I hadn’t been able to have children in our 15 years of marriage, but several days before the scheduled operation, I received a little booklet about how Jesus Christ still heals today. As I read the words, “It is a simple matter for Christ to put His hand on the chaos that is cancer and bring order,” Heaven opened up, and a river of life flowed through me. I met my Savior, who told me I was going to have a baby. My doctor confirmed my healing and canceled the hysterectomy. (I later learned he was a Christian who’d prayed for me.) I was 35 years old. A few weeks later, my husband was convicted of his sin and received Christ. As God led us out of our old life, He led us into a version of the Jesus Movement that was going on in Oregon and Washington among some of the established churches where we saw and experienced many other wonderful miracles. I would LOVE to see such a revival once again, and many of us here in Washington are praying for it.

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat www.RichDrama.com/Pentecost.