Pray with America's Leaders: Censorship in Woke Hollywood

Pray with America's Leaders released Part 3 of my interview with the Kendrick Brothers. It's preceded by a wonderful interview with Hollywood insider, best-selling author, and attorney James Hirsen, who talks about how challenging it was for the Kendrick Brothers to get their newest movie, Lifemark, into theaters. 

Click here or the image below to watch the program:

Also, today on we shared the new poster of the upcoming film Jesus Revolution, which was revealed for the first time today: "New Christian Film Needs Your Prayers."

In the poster reveal I shared footage of Jon Erwin introducing a rough cut of the film at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. Stephen Kendrick invited the whole festival to pray over Jon and this wonderful film, coming to theaters nationwide in February. 

The Kendrick Brothers' blessing and prayer were also included in an article on entitled "Christians Censored by Woke Hollywood." You can watch their blessing directly by clicking here or the image below:

Visit to see Parts 1 and 2 of my Kendrick Brothers' interview. Part 4 will be released on Friday, September 9, at 12:15 p.m. during a special program with several other cast members on
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