Miracles Behind Lifemark

Yesterday my article “Miracles Behind Lifemark” was posted on www.HeadlinePrayer.org. It includes interviews I did at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in Albany, Georgia, with Justin Sterner, sharing how he was cast as the best friend of the lead in Lifemark after turning down a role that didn’t honor the Lord. He also shared how he and his wife, Amber Sweet Sterner (a day player in Lifemark) celebrated the birth of their daughter, Evangeline, on the day Roe v. Wade died. 

Rebecca Rogers (Susan,
Adoptive Mom), Dawn Long
(Melissa, Adult Birth Mom),
Marisa Lynae Hampton
(Teen Birth Mom), 
Melissa Coles
Later on Friday Intercessors for America ran interviews I did with Kevin Peeples (director of Lifemark) and Part 4 of my interview with the Kendrick Brothers, and we had the leading ladies of Lifemark live (Marisa Lynae Hampton, Dawn Long and Rebecca Rogers): “You Can Help Change Hearts on Abortion and Adoption.”

On Thursday IFA ran an interview I did with Marisa and her mother, Lisa Marie Harms Hampton, about how she told her daughter details of her teen pregnancy she’d never shared with anyone before, just before Marisa auditioned to play the birth mother in Lifemark

Lifemark is in theaters nationwide for one week. Don’t miss it: www.LifemarkMovie.com.

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