A Triumph for Life in the NYC Theatre World!

Tonight and tomorrow are the last New York City performances of Oh Gosnell: A Show About the Truth. Joyce and I saw it last night, and it was incredibly powerful. I wrote about it for www.HeadlinePrayer.org: "A Triumph for Life in the NYC Theatre World!" It covers the trial of Kermit Gosnell, who regularly induced labor and snipped the spinal columns of the babies at his abortion clinic. Every word in the play is taken from court transcripts and the grand jury report. 

Here's my interview with the show's creator, Phelim McAleer:

After seeing the show we interviewed David Atkinson, the director, and captured some of my reactions:

If you only have three minutes, here are clips from both interviews and some of my reactions to the play:


I play a man who helps a woman to heal emotionally after she aborts her baby in the free short film "Mine."

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