Kirk Cameron's Story Time

Joyce and I covered Kirk Cameron's book reading at the Scarsdale Public Library, just north of NYC: 'Kirk Cameron: “There’s More of Us than We Thought.”'

We prayed onsite before the event began, and here are some interviews we did, starting an hour before the first reading: 

Here's footage of the entire event: 

Here are interviews I did with some folks before the event began:

Here's the first part of the article: 
Lord, thank you for Kirk Cameron and his boldness to bring Your love and witness to America through these library readings. Multiply his efforts to embolden the millions who desire America to return to You.

An overflow crowd showed up for Kirk Cameron’s reading of his children’s book As You Grow at the Scarsdale (NY) public library on Friday, Dec. 30. Other public libraries had refused to allow Cameron to read his book.

In Scarsdale more than 400 people were turned away, although Cameron and a team of staffers from publisher Brave Books held two sessions of 170 people each in the room they had rented.

The Farmer and the Belle on Peacock!

The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland
is now on Peacock!

Praying this wonderful story about how magnificent we are in the Lord's eyes is seen -- and the message received -- by multitudes! 

I was a NYC producer and play the manager of Belle, and we've been blessed with permission to share a promo code for merchandise on SWINGLE. That will get you a 15% off coupon. 

Here's info on a Young Adult book they released two weeks ago:

Here's the Peacock trailer: 

I play a lead in Providence. Jenn Gotzon Chandler, producer and star of The Farmer and the Belle, has a cameo. 

Looking back in gratitude and forward in challenge

For our last Headline Prayer Live of the year Intercessors for America reran our Thanksgiving episode, in which Joyce and I were on a team of intercessors reporting on answered prayer for the year.

This morning IFA posted a blog post I've been updating since 2012: "Take this Challenge in 2023." It includes several plans to read through the whole Bible in a year, and an invitation to join Joyce and I in reading through the C.S. Lewis Bible. Click for more details

Pray that the program empowers the prayers of many and that the article inspires many to read through the whole Bible again or for the first time. 

See the rest of Olympic champion Eric Liddell's Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance

Jonathan Park: Sound the Alarm

I was so thrilled to be a part of this 20th installment of the Jonathan Park audio drama! Here's the description: 

In just one year, the government outlawed all school-led prayer (1962) and banned school-sponsored Bible reading (1963). 17 years later, the public display of the Ten Commandments in schools was prohibited. The attacks are now accelerating against the values our country was founded upon. As Jonathan Park discovers, we don’t need to wring our hands in despair, we need to join our hands in prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 provides an answer. If we will humble ourselves and pray, God can heal our land.

This series takes you on a cross-country tour to discover the importance and power of prayer and repentance.

I play General Howe and a Sergeant. 

Pray this wakes many young people up to the dark forces behind much of the unrest in the world these days!

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

The Christmas Story

I got to read part of the Christmas story (Luke 1:26-35 and Luke 2:1-7) to Westchester Chapel this morning, just before Dr. Linda Warren brought the Christmas message -- Make Room for the Lord -- from Luke 2:1-7

Click the arrow below, or if you're reading this in an email you can click this link, to play the service:


This service is available for download free on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to our podcast. Search for "Westchester Chapel" on the iTunes Store.

If you want to know more about starting a relationship with Jesus Christ visit

Emmanuel and My Father's World

A blessed Christmas to you! 

Here's a brickfilm in which I played the priest and -- for a brief moment -- Harvey Silverstein from my one-man play, Views of the Manger, and my buddy Mac Nelson's monologue named after the character. Hope your whole family enjoys "Emmanuel": 

And here's a link to an audio book in which I play Marcus Weber and Rev. Rutledge: My Father's World. It was produced by one of my students at the Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines, Lael Lawless Goodrich, and she cast many of her classmates.

I'm cast in Book Two, so we're praying it does well enough for us to move forward. 

Hope you enjoy all twelve days of Christmas!

A Blessed Christmas!

A couple of years ago I did a photoshoot via video conference for Melissa Thomsen, who was working on an Advent series, so it was a delight to finally meet her in person at the Christian Worldview Film Festival with one of the paintings she did!

It's quite a remarkable story found in Luke 2:8-20. The Great King of Heaven is born on earth, and the announcement is made to livestock managers who live outdoors. He was born in a manger, a feeding trough for cows, so that no one can say He doesn't understand their poverty. 

It was pretty easy for me to imagine seeing those angels, because I was able to draw from Joyce's wonderful piece, "The Shepherd's Daughter," which she performed in the Shepherd's Cave in Bethlehem:

Joyce and I are in charge of our Christmas Eve service. We're excited about doing a readers theatre performance with folks from our church of The Unlikely Wise Man. I'll play Robert Redfern, the unlikely Wise Man, who is a Scrooge-like character. Joyce will play the six-year-old Toddle. 

It will be at 7 p.m. Eastern, live and over video conference only. Click here for video conference link. If you're in the area it will be at the Sonesta Hotel, 66 Hale Ave, White Plains, NY 10601.

You can hear the professional recording we did two years ago for free for a limited time.

It's been a full and amazing year, with performances and/or journalism assignments for Intercessors for America in 14 states, plus Washington, D.C.: OR, NY, ID, WA, NC, CO, FL, MS, LA, TX, MO, GA, KS, NJ

Here are a few highlights...

Preached in Pakistan (via video conference) and coached dialects for Washington's Armor

February: Recorded voices of Rev. Rutledge and Marcus Weber for My Father's World

Co-led annual workshop at Princeton University (via video conference). Played Mr. Alphabet in Lamplighter Theatre's audio drama Crown of Success and several voices on the podcast Famous Last Words

April: Performed The RevelationBig Fish Little Worm, and Journey to the Garden throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Posted "Lies of the Left," one of my most popular articles on

June: Toured with The Hiding Place Musical

July: Portrayed John the Baptist and Lazarus telling wedding at Cana for the 80th birthday of best man at our wedding in Pascagoula, MS.

Rich and Joyce both presented at Christ Over Career National Kickoff in NYC.

September: Won Best Justice - Prayer at Content2022 Film Festival and Media Summit and Honorary Actor at Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. 

October: Performed I Dreamed I Was Free at The Brown Grand Opera House, which I'm calling the Carnegie Hall of Kansas. Joyce and Rich covered the Let Us Worship and IFA Policy & Prayer Summit in Washington, D.C.

November: Christ Over Career Houston.

Views of the Manger and the Unlikely Wise Man near NYC.

You can see the recording of Views of the Manger below through Christmas Day.
We're so very grateful for your prayers and support throughout the year! If you're interested in praying for the work we do we encourage you to sign up for the More Frequent Updates at Some of you are getting those, and we're so grateful for your prayers! We send out those updates from one to five times a week. Keep scrolling for recent posts to that list.

Available to watch through Christmas Day: Views of the Manger.
Subtitles in Spanish was only available for the live performance.

A busy weekend!

Thanks so much for your prayers over the weekend! I was carried by them! 

I performed scenes from Views of the Manger at the NYC Christian Media Community's Christmas party on Friday in NYC. 

Then on Saturday I played Robert Redfern, the Scrooge of the radio drama The Unlikely Wise Man, at Hope Church in Wantage, NJ. 

On Sunday I performed Views of the Manger at Butler Church of the Nazarene in Butler, NJ, with Spanish subtitles we had developed for a performance in Cuba. Nearly everyone came forward at the end to kneel at the manger. It was a really powerful moment, and many cheeks were wet with tears, as we all sensed the Presence of the One who is no longer in the manger, but neither is He in the tomb. A recording of the performance is available through Saturday

Now I appreciate prayers for three more performances of The Unlikely Wise Man at Lamplighter Ministries in Mt. Morris, NY, and a readers theatre version with folks at our church, Westchester Chapel, which you can watch live (only):

Waging War Through Intercession

Joyce and I were on Headline Prayer Live today, covering six articles, including some of our own. Joyce wrote two articles on Intercessors for America's Policy & Prayer Summit: "Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors’ Wars" and "Policy and Prayer: The Intercessors Speak." I wrote "Afghani Refugees Still Need Help and Hope."

Click the image to pray with us...

Here are some highlights from my article:

This state of Afghanistan is a complete disaster and meltdown. Security is gone. Executions and assassinations are up. People are behind on electric and gas, and it’s being shut off. People are without food. There is massive starvation. Inflation is affecting Afghanistan as well.

The Taliban is not intent on building a nation. Their primary interest is to kill, torture, and imprison others tied to the U.S.

... the entire Muslim world has abandoned their Afghan neighbors. They all mistreat the Afghans. They all have closed their borders, except for limited ability we have to get people to (two nations).... (Afghanistan) is one massive prison.

Hamidullah (name changed for his protection) is waiting to be liberated, and he confirms Angell’s report:

Yes, dear friend. What you said is true: We are stuck in this cage, and there is no one to (liberate) us. … The day has come when families sell their innocent children … because we don’t have food. We don’t have fuel.

Hamidullah wrote a word that I think his phone corrected, so I asked Angell what he thought Hamidullah meant. Angell says he wonders if Hamidullah was talking about human organs. People are so desperate, he says, that they are selling their organs....

You can help more refugees come to freedom. Donate by sending a check made out to Heart of an Ace, and write Project Angell in the memo. Send donations to Marty Angell, at 9601 Forest Lane, Apt. 716, Dallas, TX 75243.

“For us, this silent holocaust is our modern-day Schindler’s List moment and our Dunkirk moment all at once,” Angell says. “We need to respond with boldness, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

I was blessed to cover the revival that is happening globally through the ministry of a former pro soccer player during the World Cup. They've seen 18,000 come to the Lord: "World Cup Fans Embrace Christ in Gospel Campaign."

It inspires us to pray for our ministry using my one-man play about Olympic champion Eric Liddell during the Paris Olympics in 2024. If you're not subscribed to our emails, I hope you'll join us in prayer as things develop:

See the rest of Olympic champion Eric Liddell's Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance

Performing and Speaking at The NYC Christian Media Community Gathering

This Friday I'll be performing part of my one-man play Views of the Manger and sharing about working more than 25 years in the performing arts at The NYC Christian Media Community Gathering:

If you're in the area and want to come, be sure to RSVP:

RSVP on Facebook
RSVP by email
Wherever you are, I appreciate your prayers for the Lord's anointing on my contributions to the evening, and that all are drawn closer to the wonder of the Advent Season. 

Views of the Manger will be live-streamed on Spanish subtitles only at the live event in Butler, NJ. It will be available for one week at

Headline Prayer Live

Today was our first appearance on Headline Prayer Live... only because that's the new name of Pray with Others Live, which we've been on for a while. The new name is a better description of what we do: lead people in praying through articles posted to

We had an important program today. I hope you'll join us in prayer as you're able. We covered a number of articles today, including one I wrote, "How to Pray for a ‘Post-Constitutional’ America." 

If you don't have time to watch the program before 3:45 p.m. Eastern today I urge you to read this article, which I addressed, and take action: "URGENT Prayer Needed NOW!"

Click the image to watch today's program...

To get reminders to join us live on the second and fifth Tuesdays every month sign up at

Views of the Manger will be live-streamed on Spanish subtitles only at the live event in Butler, NJ.