A Blessed Christmas Season to You and Yours!

One of the scenes we filmed this year in the sitcom What's a Girl to Do is my new favorite scene. I can't tell you much about it until after that episode is released, but it makes it clear that Christmas is not a generic holiday about giving gifts, putting trees in our living rooms and wearing red and green. It's a celebration of the moment God sent his only begotten Son to earth. One of the gifts the wise men brought was myrrh, an embalming spice. Right from the start of time it was clear that Jesus would come to die, that we might live forever

Merry Christmas! 

Click here for Joyce's two Christmas messages and my two excerpts from my one-man play Views of the Manger. My performances will be available through Christmas. 

I'm so grateful for all of your prayers that have gone up for us throughout 2021! This year I performed and/or taught in nine states, and Joyce and I both have become contributing writers for Intercessors for America's www.HeadlinePrayer.org

Here are a few highlights:

January: Rich performed in Washington's Armor and served as dialect coach. 

February: Rich performed in Three Days Later.

March: Rich co-led a Graceworks workshop for Princeton University.

April: Rich and Joyce started as contributing writers for www.HeadlinePrayer.org

Rich won Audience Choice Actor of the Year at the International Christian Film and Music Festival. Rich performed two roles in Jonathan Park, Season 18.

June: Rich taught, coached and performed at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. Rich performed in The Adventum, Volume 5.

July: Rich performed in The Diary of Perpetua and taught and directed at the Lamplighter Guild

Rich performed in Prison Letters. Rich performed in a teaser for the upcoming animated sitcom A Few Good Miles. 2nd Chances, in which Rich plays the mentor of the lead character, was released. Rich performed in a trailer for the upcoming cartoon A Few Good Miles.

September: Rich performed and helped on crew for What's a Girl to Do? where we prayed a three-year-old boy back from the dead! Rich led an Actors Boot Camp at the Content 21 Film Festival and Media Summit and was a keynote speaker at the Pensacola Christian Theatre Festival.

Rich performed and served as acting coach in "Bunker." Rich and Joyce participated in the Global Hymn Sing. Rich performed two roles in the audio drama Titanic Waif.

November: Rich performed and served as acting coach on What's a Girl to Do? in Ohio and Florida. Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims Part 1 was released, featuring Rich as two characters.

December: Joyce attended events hosted by Intercessors for America as the Supreme Court was considering the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade. Rich, who was on the set of What's a Girl to Do in Florida, prayed that Joyce would run into Dutch Sheets, a prayer you can see was answered in the photo to the right. Dutch and Greg Hood were on the steps of the Supreme Court when Joyce connected with them.

Have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

I play a quirky clerk in Christmas Grace. It's a wonderful story of forgiveness and... well, grace.

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