Harvest Ministries Bangladesh - Relocation!

Joyce and I have been supporting a couple who are ministering in Bangladesh, and I was disturbed to hear that the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has ignited Muslim rage against Christians in Bangladesh. They're moving to a safer location and need help. Here's their story:
Hi. This is Lori. I have been serving Jesus for 2 and 1/2 years in Bangladesh with my Husband, a Christian converted from Muslim faith. We began in a remote, small rural village of Rajshaihi, Ministering as Harvest Ministries Bangladesh! We were helping in a small village church here for a while, serving their needs. And now with the Afghanistan issues, a couple of police have said we should make a move soon to the capital city of Dhaka! 

More Christians are located in Dhaka, and one church has many missionaries serving there with them! Also, My embassy is in Dhaka too, in case of any kind of trouble. We thank the Lord for keeping us safe so far, and believe the Lord is leading us to make this shift! 

The only thing with relocation to the Capital City is living expenses there are more. 

So what we are asking you, Dear Brothers and Sisters is to become united with us and our Ministry as we reach out to more people in Bangladesh. Since last year, my husband has also been translating Bible studies into Bengali. We are excited to share this work with many believers to encourage them in the Capital City! We believe we have a vision that's from the Lord! 

Thanks for keeping us and Bangladesh ministry in your heart and prayers! We can continue to go forward with your help. 

We thank you for allowing us to share our hearts with you! May God Bless you Richly!

Wadud's testimony is amazing:

Send an email for more information and find out how to give toward Lori and Wadud's ministry.

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