The Real Battle: Self vs. Savior

Joyce's latest article for posted this morning: The Real Battle: Self vs. Savior. 

As Christians, we know Satan is the enemy of Jesus and the ultimate spiritual war is that of evil against God.  And it is true the devil is the first and the final enemy, but the daily battle is “Self v. Savior.”  Yes, sadly, it is our own will that wars most insistently against the Savior’s best for us and for the world.

Who is On The Throne?

There used to be a gospel tract that showed a chair or a throne with a big “S” for self seated on it.  That throne represented a person living without Christ.  The second picture would show a Cross on the seat and the “S” now appropriately before it as if in a posture of kneeling.  This represented the believer who had received Christ as Lord and as Savior.  It was a beautiful and harmonious picture.

There was a third picture, though... [Click to read more.]

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