Lamplighter Guild highlights

We had such a profoundly impacting week at the Lamplighter Guild! 

The students I was working with started with enacted prayers of actual prayer requests. Then we used sociodrama to weave those real prayers into a fictional drama. I was so proud of how we worked together to create a new work tracking a young lady from Salvation to discipleship to presenting the Gospel to a lost soul, paralleling the theme of the week, Foundations to Fulfillment: Fear-less + Faith-full. 

There were many special guests, including Eric Ludy, who challenged us to parkour with joy over the obstacles of life.  Dr. Lew Sterrett broke a wild horse and was riding her in just over an hour, during which he was connecting insights from working with wild horses to raising and discipling teens. Profound! We were also blessed by recording artist Ginny Owens. 

This epiphany after Ginny's concert was the spiritual highlight of the week for me:

Posted by Rich Swingle on Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Here's the short film created by the Filmmaking Department, taught up by Aaron Burns (Washington's Armor, Overcomer, Beyond the Mask) and Paul Anderson (working full time for the Kendrick Brothers): 

This is a recap video:

Here's an interview I did for Lamplighter's podcast, Fastened Like Nails: 

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