Thanksgiving Without

Our students created this at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp this summer.

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Gerri Milosevich said...

Rich Swingle, you are so talented. First you made my cry, even as an older woman, I've lost both my parents in the last 11 month. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with our Son and his family. I'm thankful for them. We'll all be together for Christmas with our daughter and her family. But it's still hard and I miss both of my parents. I am so blessed to have had them for as long as I did. Dad was 97 and Mom was 90. Thank you for reminding me of how thankful I am for the love an blessing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. And knowing it's only a temopray seperation. Love to you and Joyve.

Rich Swingle said...

I’m so blessed to read how our film was a part of the grieving process for you. It was our prayer that it would be for some. Lord bless you and your family!

In Christ alone,