Lamplighter Guild Audio Dramas Are Online

I had the privilege of directing the Voice Acting track at this year's Lamplighter Guild. Students in the writing track, directed by Dan Schwabauer (left), wrote three audio dramas and seven commercials. Music was composed by John Campbell as he walked his students through the process. The Sound Design students created our sound effects, under the direction of Allen Hurley.  

Here are the audio dramas and commercials: Lamplighter Guild Audio Productions.

Instead of future Guilds, Lamplighter Ministries is opening the Lamplighter College of the Arts, Business, and Biblical Theology.

I'm really pleased with the great work our students accomplished during that amazing week. 

Sign up for the announcement that registration is open for the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.


Unknown said...

It was wonderful to learn from you, Rich! Your gifts and skills, your patience, your boundless energy, enthusiasm and joy made every day such a blessing!

Lee Stang said...

What an amazing week! Thank you Rich for your insights into the world of voice acting and for that wonderful warm-up exercise.

There was one more commercial that for some reason, didn't get played during the closing service or posted on Lamplighter's website. Here's a link to it: