John Wesley's first sermon after his heart was strangely warmed

This Sunday Joyce and I will be bringing John Wesley to life during Westchester Chapel's Zoom service. 

My friend Roger Nelson portrayed Wesley hundreds of times all over the world with the one-man play The Man from Aldersgate. It all started when Paul Moore, the pastor of The Lamb's Church of the Nazarene, told Roger he'd seen him in a vision portraying John Wesley. Roger asked, "Does he play for the Mets?"

Wesley was a preacher in England in the 1700s who became the founder of the Methodist Church, from which our denomination, the Church of the Nazarene, sprang. He started his ministry in the Church of England, but when he went as a missionary to America his ship encountered a storm. He was afraid of dying but noticed some Moravians who were not. He realized that he had gone to America to save the natives but he was not saved himself. On May 24, 1738, Wesley’s heart was “strangely warmed” at a meeting on Aldersgate Street when he put his trust in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and not his own works.

Joyce will go back in time to June 18, 1738, when Wesley preached his first sermon after his Aldersgate experience, and Rich will portray Wesley giving that sermon.

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I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

Lamplighter Guild Audio Dramas Are Online

I had the privilege of directing the Voice Acting track at this year's Lamplighter Guild. Students in the writing track, directed by Dan Schwabauer (left), wrote three audio dramas and seven commercials. Music was composed by John Campbell as he walked his students through the process. The Sound Design students created our sound effects, under the direction of Allen Hurley.  

Here are the audio dramas and commercials: Lamplighter Guild Audio Productions.

Instead of future Guilds, Lamplighter Ministries is opening the Lamplighter College of the Arts, Business, and Biblical Theology.

I'm really pleased with the great work our students accomplished during that amazing week. 

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Hope Alert

Our second of three short films our students created at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp has been released. It's a fun commercial parody...


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Cancel No One

For Westchester Chapel this morning Joyce taught on Acts 11: 1-18, which enhances Acts 10, which I taught on last week. She continues the discussion of Peter's vision and the opening up of the mission to the Gentiles. She mentions a shocking story we heard firsthand from Tony Loeffler, who has partnered with us on many occasions in the US and Cuba.

Pastor Randy Solomon opens with prayer.  

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I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

Dreams Fulfilled!

I got to preach on Acts 10 at Westchester Chapel, and I discovered a truly remarkable parallel story about Will Ford and Matt Lockett. They both had dreams that led them to a prayer gathering at the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where they met. What has come out of that Divine appointment is the stuff of legends! I include excerpts from an interview with Will and Matt by Eric Metaxas, so you can hear this profound story from their own lips. 

In the service I was joined by Joyce to do a readers theatre performance of the chapter. Rachel Taylor opens the service with prayer.

I mentioned Eric Ludy, who runs Ellerslie, a campus devoted to building brave-hearted Christians. 

The film I mentioned in the glove analogy was For the Glory.

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It's not on that video, but during our sharing time I mentioned a short film I worked on at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp about a fictional app that will call the trained to speak of the hope that is within those too afraid to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and share. Here's that film:

Here's the video I mentioned that has more details about Will Ford and Matt Lockett: 

And for even more details you can get their book, The Dream King, at, where you can also find out more about the ministries of Will Ford and Matt Lockett.

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Readers theatre performance of Acts 10 from ESV:
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I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat