We’ve been overjoyed to discover a crime series with Christian themes. Hurrah! They’re not afraid to show that a relationship with the Lord transforms people. It's my second favorite series, next to The Chosen.

The producer and director, Jared O'Flaherty, did a video conference with our students at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp last week, and he talked about how Vindication went from a single short film to a series because the right people saw it at a film festival and encouraged him to keep going. Now they're in pre-production for Season Two!

We re-watched Season One again, and their cliff-hangers kept us up later than we'd planned on more than one occasion. Just as exciting as the masterful plot points are the creative ways they show criminal activities without titillating or showing that crime pays.

Parents, some of the episodes are rated 13+ because of themes. 

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