The Overthinkers

My friends and colleagues Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson are running an amazing podcast called The Overthinkers.

It's a very thoughtful deep dive on various topics at the intersection of Christian faith and culture.

Below I talk briefly about my favorite episode so far...

I absolutely love their discussions and most of their observations. I have a quibble with two elements:

Joyce and I are very prayerful about the media we consume. You are what you take in when it comes to media choices, and they actually talk about that in their first (I think) episode. But they talk about shows we've avoided. Seek the Lord's peace on everything you take into your spirit.

Holmes and Clarkson close each show with each of them mentioning one creative expression (most have been TV shows, films or books) that they'd like to bless and one they'd like to curse. It's a creative version of the rating system Siskel and Ebert used. For those who don't remember, they gave shows thumbs up or down. It's not intended to be a true curse, but the Lord has been speaking to Joyce and I about the power of words, and curses are powerful. Romans 12:14b says, "...bless and do not curse..."

Those caveats aside, their shows are a great exercise for your gray matter.

You can find The Overthinkers on Spotify.

I released “Pentecost: Beyond the Imagination,” a scene from my one-man play, The Actsat

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