Beyond the Imagination

I submitted a short film to The Quarantine Film Festival with two minutes to spare! It's an adaptation from my one-man play The Acts.

I ended up reshooting it and it's now available to watch at home and for your church through

If your church is interested in showing it, please contact us through the contact form at the very bottom of this page.

I didn't have time to put credits in the film, so here they are:
Written, performed, filmed and edited by Rich Swingle
Concept: Through Fran Warren
Producers: Jim & Linda Warren
Dramaturgy: Jim and Linda Warren, James Masters, Joyce Swingle
Language Coaches: Adam Rudinsky (Hebrew), Tim Tsohantaridis (Greek), Wojtek Typrowicz (Latin) Warren Costume: Fran Warren
Acting coaches: Selah Cohen and Judy Dodd
Consultants: Micah Derksen, Ethan Hill, Jenny and Niklas Holmgren, Paula Kasica
Desert City by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Source: Artist:
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