The Confession of St. Patrick

My friend and mentor Roger Nelson went home to the Lord last year, but his ministry continues. Here's a performance of his one-man play, The Confession of St. Patrick. Click the arrow below, or if you're receiving this in an email you can view it at

During his 35 years of ministry, Roger Nelson performed the one-man plays on John Wesley (A Man from Aldersgate) and St. Patrick (The Confession of St. Patrick) in over 1,800 performances in over 32 countries and all 50 states. For more about Roger's work, visit This performance of The Confession of St. Patrick is posted with the blessing of The Friends of John Wesley, the organization that oversaw Roger's work until he died in 2019, and with the blessing of Roger's sister, Joan.

Roger's friend, BJ Johnston, is performing Roger's other play, The Man From Aldersgate. You can find out more information and book a live performance at

Roger and I rented an Off-Broadway theatre, Theatre 315, and rotated my play about Eric Liddell and his play about John Wesley. See the rest of the Chariots of Fire story in Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance.

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