Jesus Heals the Leper

Praying this scene from The Chosen over those infected with the coronavirus!

We studied this passage in our men’s group last night by conference call. In this scene we see the first century protective face mask, and Pastor Randy pointed out that people probably needed to stay six feet away from lepers and wash their hands for 20 seconds after being exposed to them, but Jesus touched them. They didn’t infect Him. He made them clean. Praying the Lord will touch people through us during this unique time for everyone.

Then we discussed Jesus healing the paralytic, and The Chosen has a scene on that story, too:

We focused on how the pharisees were upset because Jesus wasn't playing by their rules, but Jesus came to bring Life. As Paul wrote to the Romans, "For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death." If you've been trying to live a good life but don't find that you have the power to do that, you can know the only Power who can enable you to do that. Our men's group talked about how we've all seen that in action as we've walked with the Lord!

If you haven’t seen The Chosen they’re going to live stream all eight episodes of Season One starting Sunday at 9PM Eastern:


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