John Lennox at Carnegie Hall

Joyce and I had a blast at Carnegie Hall hearing Dr. John Lennox say some really intelligent things about Christmas... oh, yes, and his niece and her husband, The Gettys, performed there, too. The whole evening was just really wonderful! They sang their own songs and their arrangements of classics. They were backed up by a very talented band, including of former colleague and friend from MasterWorks, Alana Pritchard, who headed up the strings section. There was also some electrifying Irish dancing mixed in! Many of the songs were carols they directed the audience in joining along, making it the third time I got to perform at Carnegie Hall... from the audience. It's breathtaking to be one of thousands of voices filling some of the most acoustically perfect space on earth with songs celebrating God becoming man and dwelling with us.

But the real highlight for me was when Dr. John Lennox spoke. Kristyn Getty's uncle is professor emeritus of mathematics at Oxford University, where he used to take classes from C. S. Lewis. Dr. Lennox read Scripture and shared a brilliant celebration of Christmas. Dr. Lennox has debated Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, among other atheists. One told him Jesus was just as fictional as Santa Claus. Dr. Lennox asked people in that audience to stand if they came to believe that Santa was real as adults. No one stood. Then he asked people to stand who came to believe in Jesus Christ as their real, living Saviour as an adult, and hundreds stood up. He countered that Jesus is very real, and his Life and Life lived through his students is studied by people with doctorates. There are no PhDs who study Santa Claus as a real, living person. He also pointed out that some say Jesus could not have been born of a virgin because it goes against the laws of nature. Dr. Lennox explained that we go against the laws of nature when we catch a falling apple. For the Creator of all things--including the laws of nature--to step into time by way of a Divine Spermatozoa is completely fitting with Who He is and Who He promised.

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