Sight & Sound's Noah

I just posted my review of Noah:
Posted by Rich Swingle on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

We loved Sight & Sound Theatre's production of Noah, as filmed for their Fathom Event release, and not just because I played Noah's son Ham in The Adventum, and Shem in the Beginners Bible video.

We saw a screener of their Fathom Event, which is in theatres tomorrow night:

One of my favorite things was that they emphasized the importance of people heeding the warning that judgment was coming, and that they could be saved by getting onboard the vehicle of Salvation the Lord provided. Judgment is promised for our day, too. Thank God that He provided a vehicle of Salvation for us!

Read my review of their production of Moses to see what I thought of their surprisingly impressive production quality. They held to a high bar with Noah, too.

We're really looking forward to seeing their production of Jesus live in a couple of weeks.

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Ham is one of more than a dozen voices Rich provides for The Adventum.

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