Report on the Great Experiment and Roger Nelson's Memorial

The photo is of Joyce and I with Roger Nelson and two of his New York friends during the run of our 2006 collaboration, Fire Off-Broadway.

I recorded a report on my experience at Roger's memorial and my experience with this round of the Great Experiment, which I was involved with when I read Scripture and led hymns at the memorial.

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Links to things I mention:
More on Roger:
The Great Experiment and revival at Asbury College:
Curt Cloninger:
George Fox University:
Scripture Reading:
Christian Union:
Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action:
The Send:
Starting a relationship with the Lord :
Beyond the Chariots at the Singapore Expo:
My friend's church:

Roger and I rented an Off-Broadway theatre to do two of our plays, and this was the one I chose: Beyond the Chariots. Watch it online and book a live performance.

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