The Christmas Song of the Prophets

For our Christmas Eve Service at Westchester ChapelDr. Linda Warren takes us through some key prophecies announcing the coming Messiah and how they were fulfilled:
Genesis 12:1-3
Genesis 49:10
Numbers 24:17
Isaiah 9:6-7
Isaiah 11:1-4
Daniel 9:24-26
Luke 1:67-72
Luke 2:1-14
Dr. Linda mentions that there are hundreds of prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Here are more prophecies and how Jesus fulfilled them: Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus.

Between the Scripture readings and Pastor Linda's teaching, we sing carols that celebrate the fulfillment of those prophecies. In the service we sang to modern adaptations of classic carols, but our CCLI license does not allow for sharing recordings of copyrighted material online, so because the carols were such an integral element of the service, I recorded carols that are in the public domain. If you'd like to sing along, click this link for the lyrics.

Pastor Jim Warren opens and closes the service.

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