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Greetings from Times Square!

...or at least from a few blocks away in the warmth (and dry) of our apartment. But we were on Times Square last night as they were setting things up for tonight's festivities. I recorded some very exciting news there: Registration is open for the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers and Actors Camp!

You'll get the main training in video tutorials before arriving, so that as soon as you hit the ground, we'll be running into film production. You'll leave with a short film for your reel, headshots, and (if it's like every year so far) you'll have an opportunity to audition for a live professional project.

Also, many projects want you to have taken a film etiquette course if you don't have a certain amount of film projects under your belt. That happens to be one of the film tutorials, so you'll be able to check that box!

We opened registration up to alumni first, so two spots are already taken on both sides of the camera. Move swiftly to secure one (or more with friends!) of the other four spots for each program: The intimacy of the program means there's lots of opportunities to grow as an artist and as a Christian.

Also, there is an early bird savings of $100 through the end of January, so if you don't have time to register now, be sure to set an alarm. 
Register for Film Camp

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