It's a Life Worth Living

I had a great experience playing the role of Charles, who--throughout the film--interviews the main character about his life, which is very much worth living.

Joyce and I saw It's a Life Worth Living as a part of the International Christian Film and Music Festival, which was hosted online this year, due to COVID, and concluded with the awards ceremony, for which I was up for People's Choice Actor of the Year. 

I'm just so glad to be a part of a film like this! The message of hope is so clear and strong! Daniel Jeffries, who played the lead, did a fantastic job of showing the arc from hopeless to hope-giver! Antonio Mireles did a great job of playing the fellow who gave Daniel's character hope. 

Though they were only on screen for seconds, I was so blessed by the work of Gary Bosek and Tori Koglin. Gary plays a goofy flower delivery guy, and Tori plays a young woman at an abortion clinic. Their work took their scenes to a whole other emotional plain. 

My character interviewed the character
of Daniel Jeffries (left) about how he
was transformed from drug addict
to a positive influencer. The character
played by Antonio Mireles
introduced Daniel’s to the Lord.
I was able to attend the premiere in Pontiac, Michegan, and it was a PROFOUND evening! During the Q/A that followed, cast and crew shared their personal connections to loved ones who struggled or continue to struggle with addiction. It was held at Grace Gospel Fellowship, which has a sister ministry, Grace Centers of Hope, across the street and through 52 homes where they help addicts get off drugs and back into lives worth living. 

Several from their programs were in attendance, and some came to the mic after the film for questions and observations. One was the mother of an addict who thanked Nancy Lynette Parker, who played Daniel’s character’s mom. Pastor Kent W. Clark said the woman was two weeks old in the Lord, and she erupted in joy, declaring the work the Lord was already doing in her life! It was SO beautiful. The pastor said, “God has come to save sinners, and if you are one, you qualify!” Here’s more about that:

The release of the film is on November 10th and will be available at the following places by then: 
 - Shopify 
There will be more to follow. It currently can be pre-ordered on Amazon by clicking here.

FYI: It's about a young man dealing with drug addiction, so there are scenes of substance abuse, including with teens. 

I performed in Keith Perna's first feature film, Christmas Grace, and this has been our fourth collaboration.

This was my fourth project with four others, Adam TerrellJoseph OuelletteGary Bosek, and Jared Withrow, who is one of Joyce and my 22 screen children. It's my seventh film with both Timothy Jones and Ryan-Iver Klann, and it's my tenth with Tim Kaiser. It was my 13th film with Rebekah Cook! I worked with Heather Peterson, who I worked with on "Living Word." Her sister Rebecca has also been helping with pre-production, and she was a student of mine at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. William and Morgan Willer, served on crew, and they are also alumni and worked with me on their short films "There" and later "Reflection." Since filming it, Tori Koglin played our daughter in "Reflection."


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