It's a Life Worth Living

I had a great experience playing the role of Charles, who--throughout the film--interviews the main character about his life, which is very much worth living.

What I've seen so far has been stupendous! Sign up for the announcement of its release at

I performed in Keith Perna's first feature film, Christmas Grace, and this has been our fourth collaboration.

This will be my fourth project with four others, Adam TerrellJoseph OuelletteGary Bosek, and Jared Withrow, who is one of Joyce and my 22 screen children. It's my seventh film with both Timothy Jones and Ryan-Iver Klann, and it's my tenth with Tim Kaiser. This will be my 13th film with Rebekah Cook! I worked with Heather Peterson, who I worked with Heather Peterson on "Living Word." Her sister Rebecca has also been helping with pre-production, and she will be a student of the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. William and Morgan Willer, will serve on crew, and they are also alumni.

There are still openings for the 2019 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

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