Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp Deadline Extended

Rachel Marley (left) and McKenzie Harris experienced another blessing from their association with the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.  They just performed in a God-honoring professional audio drama for Lamplighter Theatre that they learned about because they had been students at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Our camp is more than a fully immersive training experience. It begins before students arrive on campus with online tutorials we've put together, so that once they arrive we can immediately jump into production on a short film. All four years that I've taught at Film Camp I've been able to coach our students for an audition for a live film project. Several of our students have landed roles or been hired on crew because of that process.

But the benefits of Film Camp extend beyond our week together. Whenever I hear about film, stage and radio projects that are planning to honor the Lord I send out casting notices to all of our acting camp alumni.

If you or someone you know is interested in acting now is the best time to register for the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Due to some logistics issues we were not able to get the word out in a timely manner about our early bird special to some of our potential acting camp students. In order to be fair with all who are interested in attending either the acting or filmmaking camps we have decided to extend the $150 early bird discount until the end of the month.

The registration website has already been updated to the full price since the early bird discount expired on January 15th. However, we have created a special discount coupon code that you can use to get the same discount. Here’s how it works. Register for either the 2018 Rocky Mountain Christian Acting camp or the Filmmakers camp from our regular camp registration page and enter the following coupon code on the payment screen to receive the discount.

Coupon Code: EB2018
Acting Camp Registration SiteFilmmaking Camp Registration Site

The discount coupon is only good through January 31st and only while we still have space available. Once the camp is full registration will be closed so register now to assure your spot and to take advantage of this extended discount.

If you choose the 3 payment option the $150 discount will be applied to your initial payment. So the first payment will only be $150, the second and third payments will be $300 each.

Hope to see you in the Rockies!

Join us for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

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