Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp Early Bird Deadline and Post Camp Production

With three of our alumni,
Joyce Swingle,
Gwendelynn Martindale, and
Morgan Willer.
Due to some logistics issues we were not able to get the word out in a timely manner about our early bird special to some of our potential acting camp students at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. In order to be fair with all who are interested in attending either of our camps we have decided to extend the $150 early bird discount a few more weeks.

The registration website has already been updated to the full price since the early bird discount expired on January 15th. However, we have created a special discount coupon code that you can use to get the same discount. Here’s how it works. Register for either the 2018 Rocky Mountain Christian Acting camp or the Filmmakers camp from our regular camp registration page and enter the following coupon code on the payment screen to receive the discount.

Coupon Code: EB2018
Acting Camp Registration SiteFilmmaking Camp Registration Site

The discount coupon is only good through January 31st and only while we still have space available. Once the camp is full registration will be closed so register now to assure your spot and to take advantage of this extended discount.

If you choose the 3 payment option the $150 discount will be applied to your initial payment. So the first payment will only be $150, the second and third payments will be $300 each.

As of this moment there are only 4 acting camp spots left and only 3 filmmaking camp spots left. So register now to reserve your spot at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers and Acting Camp.

I just got to perform the lead role and coach the other actors (including one of our alumna, Rebekah Stought) in "There" a short film by two of our alumni, William and Morgan Willer. In all we had six alumni from our program involved in the production, and the Willers managed to pull together over a dozen professionals in all!

Two other alumni, Rebekah Stought 
and William Willer.
Before we left they showed us a rough cut, and it's going to look extraordinary! I'm so proud of the Willers and our amazing team!

While we were on set, one of the six alumni of the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp, McKenzie Harris, was cast as the lead in Lamplighter Theatre's next production! We also know Rachel Marley, was cast as the friend of the lead. Rachel has been my student several times at two different performing arts training intensives, and she was on our performance team in Sochi during the 2014 Olympics.

Rebekah Stought performed with me in the last two Lamplighter Theatre productions.

McKenzie Harris
Photo by Ivy Schexnayder
I'll be teaching and directing at the Lamplighter Guild this summer, and their early bird discount (also a savings of $150) deadline will be at the end of January.

You can hear my interview with Mark Hamby, the executive director of Lamplighter Ministries here. Click below or if you're reading this in an email you can click this link, to play it.

I was happy to volunteer my time to the Willer's project, but they agreed to let me perform my one-man play Views of the Manger in their barn on Epiphany, and offer an acting workshop after we wrapped the film.

After Views of the Manger we gathered to praise the Lord for what He accomplished through the piece, and a five-year-old prayed the most beautiful prayers! I asked if I could interview her about the play, and here's what she had to say. Click the arrow below, or if you're reading this in an email you can click this link, to play it.

I shared it as a part of the opening to this morning's service at Westchester Chapel. You can hear my introduction to the interview below...

Dr. Linda Warren preaches on Genesis 3 and the source of all fear. Rachel Taylor opens with prayer.  Jim Warren prays over the sermon and shares about the awesome nature of God expressed in Job 38.

Click the arrow below, or if you're reading this in an email you can click this link, to play the service:

This service is available for download free on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to our podcast. Search for "Westchester Chapel" on the iTunes Store.

If you want to more about starting a relationship with Jesus Christ visit

Remember, registration is now open for the 2018 Lamplighter's Guild and Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

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