Yale hosts Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray to Discuss Truth in a Post-Truth World

We live in a post-truth culture. Abdu Murray defined that as "a culture that elevates feelings and preferences over facts and truth." He and Ravi Zacharias engaged the Yale campus in a lively discussion about truth.

When Joyce and I were staying near the Yale campus a couple of years ago Joyce got me a T-shirt with the university's emblem. A few months ago a young man asked me what the letters were. Turns out they spell Urim v'Thummim, the stones the high priest would carry behind the breastplate to seek the Lord's direction. The Hebrew phrase was added to the Yale seal by Rev. Ezra Stiles, the university's president from 1778 to 1795, who also required freshmen to study Hebrew. It was only required of upperclassmen at Harvard. Urim vThummim is translated into their Latin motto, Lux et veritas, Light and Truth. How appropriate that these world-class speakers were brought there to discuss how our culture's approach to truth pales in the Light of Truth:
Yale Open Forum: Zacharias and Murray Discuss Relationship Between Truth and Freedom, Evidence for Christian Worldview 

As the Christian Union grows on the Yale campus, I'm praying that the school will return to its roots.

You can watch the entire event below, or if you're reading this in an email click here.

If you don't have time to see the whole program you should at least scroll through the Tweets of things they said.

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