The Pilgrim's Progress film

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!
We almost got to see this at the International Christian Film Festival, but technical issues and time constraints collaborated to keep us from it. The director, was kind enough to give us a screener. It's absolutely brilliant!
I've been a fan of Pilgrim's Progress since landing a role in a musical version by auditioning for the producers while showing them around the Lamb's Theatre my first year or so in NYC.
It's shot in glorious Southern Oregon where we filmed A Matter of Perspective, and where I grew up. They worked on a micro-budget with actors from church, but David played their limitations like an instrument! The way they tackled complex challenges is simply genius! I think it has the excellence and camp that could make it a Christian Princess Bride.
Joyce said, "We loved it! We super super loved it!"
It's being released in August, so be sure to like their Facebook page to get the announcement.

Watch the trailer and a scene below:

A Clear Leading tells the story of Quaker abolitionist John Woolman, who spoke against slavery a century before our Civil War.

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