Merry Christmas!

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Season!

Joyce and I just got back from a profound week in Cuba where I performed Views of the Manger, and Joyce taught on Jeremiah 29:11, our marriage verse. 

We've posted her message and more about Cuba at

As soon as we got back I switched gears to perform in and serve as a NYC producer on the upcoming film The Farmer and the Belle, the seventh film project I worked on this year. Two of those are short films about Cuba we're now editing, one is unannounced, and the others were A Matter of Perspective, Felicia's Pledge and One Day

Proof Rich married an angel!
Joyce spoke of how Jeremiah's encouragement was to the exiles in Babylon, and how Daniel would have been one of the recipients. Daniel saved the magi by interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, so they were able to read the Hebrew Scriptures and, generations later, recognize the Star of Bethlehem for what it was: The birth announcement for the King of Kings. 

We're blessed to see that seven films in which I performed made the Top 100 of 2016 for, including the top two. Four of them were mentioned in the opening article. Praise the Lord!

I got an app for tracking my trip mileage, and this year I covered 46,788 miles, almost circling the globe twice, performing and/or teaching in 17 states and six film projects.

Click here for Facebook's review of our year.

Joyce brought the Christmas Day message at Westchester Chapel, and you can hear it by clicking here.

Joyce just read about a Christian member of congress who said people pray them into office, but then don't pray them through their terms. He said he can tell when people are praying and when they're not. I can tell many of you are praying for us the year round! Thank you so very much!!! Please keep interceding for us... and our leaders.

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone! 
Though there are now Christmas
trees everywhere in Cuba we never
thought to have our picture taken
next to one! This is as jolly as we got
for the camera:
Christmas-colored lollipops!

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