Revive Us!

I just heard about something that looks to be a fantastic event.

We know two of the presenters, Eric Metaxas, who allowed us to use his testimony as a part of our outreach in Russia during the 2014 Olympics, and I got to have coffee with Karen Abercrombie, who told me how she had been rejected for the role of Miss Clara in War Room because she was younger than their idea for the role, so she aged herself for the audition! My friend Beth Becka coached her in the role, and said, "She is brilliant. We prayed over her and the presence of the Holy Spirit was as palpable as I have ever felt it in that little room that day!"

Here's info on the event...

A Message From Kirk Cameron

When I travel to churches across America I meet thousands who tell me they feel discouraged, concerned, and afraid for the future of America. They often ask, "Where is our hope?” I understand why so many feel that way. The news is filled with a continual stream of darkness: Political scandals; acts of violence; social confusion; people suffering.  If you are feeling exhausted by all of this political mudslinging and moral decay--and if you're searching for hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless--then I encourage you to join me for a special live event on October 18th in movie theaters nationwide.

It's called REVIVE US.

We've assembled an incredible group of people like Dr. Ben Carson, pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, authors Eric Metaxas and Jennifer Rothschild, and the beloved teacher of effective prayer, "Miss Clara," from the inspirational movie War Room, for an empowering and interactive evening of inspiring messages, powerful prayer, beautiful music from the Vertical Church Band and Passion as well as thoughtful conversations. 

That's right conversations. 

We dedicated part of the night to an interactive Q and A where we will answer your questions, hear your thoughts, and discuss anything else that's been on your mind. And before the night is all over, everyone will have time to gather in their local theater for prayer and discussion with other like-minded attendees from their community.
So please join me, my family, and hundreds of thousands of passionate believers just like you for this very special LIVE event, on October 18th.

Find out more at

I play a lead in Providence, which you can bring to your area.

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