A Matter of Perspective

Mike Hill was nominated for Best Director for a Short Film, and I won Best Lead Actor in a Short Film at the International Christian Film Festival for playing Garreth in "A Matter of Perspective."

You can order your copy now:


Be sure to watch the extras, which bring out how the Lord was so involved in this project!

It was filmed in beautiful Southern Oregon, where I was born and raised. I got to stay on our family farm while we were filming!

This was such an answer to prayer, since that was the area where I was inspired to act by seeing plays produced by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, taking part in workshops with their actors, and performing at our high school and with our church's youth group.

This was also the fifth film in which Joyce and I got to play husband and wife. Though you won't see her on screen, it's her voice at the end, talking to our characters' progeny, bringing us up to 20 screen children!

My connection to the filmmakers of "A Matter of Perspective" is miraculous! We met at the Family Camp for the Southern Oregon chapter of Joni and Friends. To see how that came about visit www.RichDrama.com/Joni. Then we found out that the director, Mike Hill, was a student of Larry Smith, who has been a good friend of my father since they were in the third grade! Larry gave me my only photography lesson just before I went to Hong Kong in 1987. Then he helped me set up the slides that I showed to the many families and organizations that made the trip possible.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Lord does through this short film!


Francisco Fernandez said...

Looks like a very good film Rich. Congrats, can't wait to see it.

Bev Lewis said...

Bravo, Rich!

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks so much!

Hilltrain said...

Please take advantage of this checkout for A Matter of Perspective and help support Rich Swingle's ongoing ministry!

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks, Hill family!!!

Rich Swingle said...

Here's an article that mentions the Best Actor award: International Christian Film Festival Exceeds Expectations.

Rich Swingle said...

Here's a review from IMDb: Rich Swingle shares moments of strength and vulnerability throughout the transformation. Really enjoyed the story about perspective and how easy things can shift when you choose to change. Tim Kaiser work was really lovely. The landscape visuals were glorious. Thank you for this story and creating it to lift up faith and hope.