From the largest Off-Broadway to the smallest Broadway theatre

I had a 16 year Broadway run!

On October 17, 1999, I quit my office lease at The Lamb's Theatre, the largest Off-Broadway house at the time, and crossed Times Square (from 130 W 44th to 240 W 44th) to sublet the office of John Forbes at the Helen Hayes Theatre, the smallest Broadway house.

During the three months I was performing in Singapore in Judah Ben Hur, John returned, and I was then able to do an office share with a former stage manager for Les Misérables, who later moved out.

In May of 2012 The Helen Hayes celebrated its centennial. I know what week it was because after the ceremony I was able to tell Mandy Patinkin that one of our pastors used him in a sermon illustration that Sunday! You can hear it here. There's an illusion to his work in The Princess Bride, but Pastor Warren revisits Patinkin's story throughout. The third reference is the most powerful.

I'm sad to leave this very special place behind, but we've creatively redesigned our space so that now Joyce and I are both officing at home. There's great delight in spending our days together. :-)

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