One Day

I performed the role of a driver and got to serve as the acting coach in One Day, a short film written and directed by Gwendelynn Martindale, who was a student at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp, where I teach and coach each summer.

You can order it here or stream it here.

After we were done, we sat around a table and passed around a sheet of paper to record all of the miracles we'd witnessed in the creation of the film. Here's what we came up with:

Here is a list of just a few miracles and ways God provided for this film:
• The schedules of such a great and talented company came into alignment.
• Stacey was healed in time for her scenes.
• A Glorious sunset when we needed it.
• We finished the scenes Saturday a half hour early!
• We had a tight schedule and finished on time!
• We had two roads blocked, all of what we hoped for and more!
• Gwendelynn had sustained energy and heath, despite fighting a wisdom tooth surgery infection and a heat rash
• Safe travels for everyone! No deer hit.
• Storm disappearing [Gwendelynn's grandfather watched the storm move around us on his doppler device.]
• Provision for multiple aspects of the film
• God’s blessing and guidance
• Unity of spirit and JOY
• Getting to work on this short film.
• Speeding and did not get caught. (not sure who wrote this line)
• Benjamin survived falling from the top of the playground at the park
• God’s abundant energy that came from everywhere.
• A sweet spirit of unity and encouragement among the cast and crew
• Tears for the scenes lasting longer than possible.
• Traveling safety
• The patience and love on set was amazing!
• Fixing the crane
• Rain stopped for crane shot on Friday when it was supposed to rain all day!
I know there were many more than these but let’s praise God for his mercy and provision for this film.

It was a joy to work with Gwendelynn in both capacities, and I have a lot of friends I'll got to work with again: It was be my sixth collaboration with both Tim Kaiser ( and Stacey Bradshaw (, and my tenth with Rebekah Cook (

Ashley and Ethan Ledden are be doing the visual effects, which is particularly exciting since they worked on Beyond the Mask, which had the most visual effects of any Christian film. I first worked with them on Alone Yet Not Alone, and then again on Indescribable. They'll be supported by Jonick Petry, who I worked with in London for The Dragon and the Raven.

Rick Holets is doing the score. We share two credits (Princess Cut and Firefly), but he's worked on several films made by friends.

The fact that Nathan Ashton is doing the sound on this project is actually an answer to our prayer that (if all goes well) we'll be in another film screened at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. We haven't missed a year!

It's impolite to ask a woman her age, but I don't think Gwendelynn is in her twenties yet. For her to pull together this heavy-hitting team is miraculous in and of itself! Then again, we're serving the Miracle Maker!

I play a lead in Providence, which opened in AMC Theaters coast-to-coast.

Consider joining us for the next Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.


Rich Swingle said...

One Day was a finalist at the Christian Worldview Film Festival and was given the five (out of five) Dove Award: One Day.

Rich Swingle said...

One Day was accepted into multiple film festivals including the upcoming International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) It is an Official Selection at the ICFF and is nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Short Film, and Best Lead Actor!

Anonymous said...

One Day has been winning many notable awards at Film Festivals, the current count is 13 Film Festivals, Three Awards for Finalist, one for Semi-Finalist, an Honorable Mention for Best Short Film, a Top Ten Award, a Nomination for Best of Fest, and an Award of Merit. Praise God!