Fellowship Broken

Our Bible study at Westchester Chapel has been going through a fascinating exploration of how the design elements in the Tabernacle, which was given directly from the Lord, speak to us as Christians today. We typically don't record these lessons, but Eva P., the woman who taught the lesson this morning, gave me permission to summarize her lesson and record a monologue she felt like the Lord gave her. It's the Lord speaking to his people as they enter the courts of the Tabernacle. After Pastor Jim Warren opens the service with prayer I interview Tom M. about how he prayed for Sharon Mathai (known simply as Mathai) to encounter the Lord. You can see her whole testimony below.

Then Rachel Taylor teaches on Genesis 2:15-17 and chapter 3Dr. Linda Warren prays over the sermon and shares the announcements.

You can see Genesis 3 dramatized in our production of Paradise Lost below Mathai's testimony...

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Here's the full testimony of Sharon Mathai:

Below you can see Rich Swingle perform John Milton's adaptation of Genesis 3 with Terry Ewell and Doris DeLoach in Terry's production of Paradise Lost.

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