Sermon from Providence

Our church, Westchester Chapel, decided to cancel today's Bible study and service since the blizzard prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency for our region. The sermon planned for today will be preached next week, so for this morning I've recorded the sermon I prepared for Providence, in which I play Pastor Mitchell Little. It's a silent film, but I wanted to be preaching a real sermon when the camera was rolling. I never got through it when we were filming, so I promised my screen congregation that I'd record the whole thing and post it online. Today seemed like a great day to do that.

The photos are stills from the film (used by permission). My character was preaching an Easter message in the cemetery where he first encountered Rachel, who used to own the Bible from which he's preaching.

This music video shows excerpts from the sermon in the film...

Here's the trailer for Providence, which is being shown now in theatres that will host the film starting February 12...

I play a lead in Providence, a modern silent film opening in theatres coast to coast starting February 12.

Registration is now open for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Also, we're now taking sign-ups for Rio Ready.

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