I Will Fight

I just heard from a friend that the trailer for Providence is now playing in the AMC Theatres that will host Providence starting February 12.

Here's another music video with scenes from the film. This one's by Caleb Allen​, the brother of Josh Allen​, who plays my character's teen self. We got to have dinner with their family after the Nashville premiere in November. What an amazing family! They all live on a bus! Seriously. They go from performance to performance and are so committed to the Lord's work they have no permanent residence. I told one of the daughters how blessed they are as young people to see that kind of dedication to the Lord lived out!

See the trailer and more music videos at www.RichDrama.com/Providence.

I play a lead in Providence, a modern silent film opening in theatres coast to coast starting February 12.

Registration is now open for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Also, we're now taking sign-ups for Rio Ready.

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