Red Carpet Interviews

We drove 2000 miles round trip for the premiere of Providence. Here are some photos:

I was being interviewed about my role in Providence Movie, and I made reference to a photo I couldn't find on Facebook....
Posted by Rich Swingle on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I was interviewed on Music City Corner with my character's younger selves, Josh Allen and Chase Anderson. Our interview kicks off a long lineup including
• Stacey Bradshaw (4:50 and 13:27)
• Emily Elizabeth Knapp (9:16 and 13:27)
• Juli Tapken (13:27, where you can see the actors playing my character's love interest over the 40 years the film covers)
• Thom E. Booton (26:15)
• Chuck Shaw (29:38)
• Brenda Sisson Reutebuch (36:18)
• Lacy LabbĂ© (39:37)
• A. Michelle Missy Harleston (42:47)
• Cara Carter (46:10)
• Apolonia Davalos (49:13)
• Katie Pavao (52:40)
• Rebekah Cook (1:02:33)
• Linda Ryan (1:10:15).
You can watch the interviews below or at where you can let producers know which AMC Theatre is closest to you when it's released February 12 nationwide.

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