A year filled with graditude

We wish you a blessed Christmas Season!

I was honored to kick off Advent at our church, and you can hear it here: "Start the Journey to Bethlehem, Wise People." On the last Sunday of Advent we had a technical disaster, so I got to record a summary of the Christmas message: Is He Your King?.

I've been reflecting on the Lord's goodness this year, which marks my 20th without income from anything but the performing arts and applied theatre. I'm really overwhelmed to think of all He's done in and through us this year. I had opportunities to perform and/or teach in 17 states, London and Northern Ireland, performed in two audio dramas, five films, celebrated three theatrical releases and six DVD* releases for films in which I've performed. Many of those projects proclaim the wonder of God's great Gift to mankind in the birth, life, death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Playing Mitchell Little in Providence.
To top it all off Providence, in which I play one of the leads, has been selected by AMC Independent, for a nationwide theatrical release in select cities starting February 12, and Times Square is where one of those theatres is located! The producers are also arranging for theatrical-on-demand screenings in cities where AMC doesn't have a presence. Please take a moment to visit www.RichDrama.com/Providence and follow the link to their Facebook event and let them know your home town.

Here are a few of the other highlights from the year:

• Played Jeeves the Butler in Renting to Parakletos.

Committing Lifestone Velocity
to the glory of God. Left to right:
Jim Goodwin, Daniel Knudsen,
Rich Swingle, Beth Becka, acting
coach on War Room.
• Confessions of a Prodigal Son released on DVD.* Played a homeless man.
• The new www.GraceworksInc.com is launched. Rich has been a Freedom Finder for Graceworks since 2001.
• Interviewed by Sharon Wilharm for FaithFlix. She later cast me in Providence.
• Taught at the Christian Worldview Film Festival Guild.
• Played Dr. Alistair Walker in Lifestone Velocity in a scene filmed for a class at the Christian Worldview Film Festival Guild.
• Performed "Sheepish" at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.
• Co-lead annual Graceworks workshop at Princeton University.
• Performed Beyond the Chariots for Alistair Begg's church.

• Beyond the Mask released through theatrical-on-demand model. Played Dr. Bonneville.
• Played Mitchell Little, a lead, in Providence.
• Performed Journey to the Garden for Biola University's Easter Chapel.

Portraying Harmon Schmelzenbach in
Mkulunqanda: The Great Beginner
• Played Jesus in The Messenger's Box.
• Recorded Additional Digital Recordings for The Screenwriters.
• Performed a new short piece on Harmon Schmelzenbach, one of the first Nazarene missionaries to Swaziland, at the New York Metro District Assembly.
• Nominated for Best Actor at The Aletheia Fellowship of the Arts Truth Awards for playing Micah Maslow in The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah.
• Taught and coached Week 1 at The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Playing Dr. Bonneville in
Beyond the Mask
• Beyond the Mask national theatrical release.
• Polycarp released on DVD.* Play a slave trader.
• Taught and coached Week 2 at The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.
• Performed in a yet-to-be-announced documentary.

• Performed four voices in The Dragon and the Raven in London.
• Performed "Lazarus" in a sheep field in Northern Ireland.
• Alone Yet Not Alone released on DVD.* Played a land speculator.

Playing Nigel Livengood in
Princess Cut
• Princess Cut released in theaters. Played Nigel Livengood.
• Taught and directed at the Salvation Army TAM Conservatory. Princess Cut screened for Conservatory.
• Performed Big Fish Little Worm for Joni and Friends.
• Interviewed on The Dove.

• Beyond the Mask released on DVD.*

• Performed A Clear Leading, about John Woolman, at the Woolman Memorial Centennial.
• AMC Independent picked up Providence for a limited national theatrical release starting February 12.

• Played Mr. Cole in "The Staying Kind."
• Princess Cut released on DVD.*
• The Messenger's Box released on DVD.*
• Rich and Joyce attend the premiere of Providence in Franklin, TN.

Performed with John Rhys-Davies
The Dragon and the Raven released on CD*
• AMC Empire 25 on Times Square chosen as one of the theatres to host Providence.
• Rich interviewed by Nigerian Israel Eziedo.
• Reviews of Providence begin.

We're so grateful to all who have prayed for this ministry over the past two decades, and we're tremendously grateful for prayers moving forward. In 2016 besides the February 12 release of Providence we're excited about our trip to Rio for the Summer Olympics.

*The CD and DVD releases are also available in other forms, such as Blu-ray and Digital Download. Even if you've seen the films I've mentioned, they make great stocking stuffers. If you want to see more films with a Christian worldview, please support films made by Christians.

Registration is now open for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.

Also, we're now taking sign-ups for Rio Ready.

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