The John Woolman Memorial Centennial

The outdoor performance was steps
away from what used to be
John Woolman's orchard.
I got to perform A Clear Leading, my one-man play about John Woolman at the John Woolman Memorial for their centennial celebration!

Woolman spoke against slavery a century before America's Civil War, and after the play they had me stay in character so Woolman could receive two birthday gifts which showed the fruit of his labors: a copy of "The Emancipation Proclamation" and Letters from a Birmingham Jail. Woolman would be 295 today, but his words have certainly lived on. His journal has never been out of print!

I put those gifts in my prop box, alongside Joyce's letter to me when she house managed my 1997 Off-Broadway production of the play. It was that production that was attended by board members of the John Woolman Memorial. They brought me down to perform near the Memorial on October 4, 1997. I remember the date because I proposed to Joyce that night. You can read the pulse pounding details by clicking here.

So this performance was quite special on many different levels, and there's an embargo on news of another project that made this location special. I hope to post news of that soon:

With Jack and Carol Walz, who oversee the John Woolman Memorial,
which is behind us.

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