During the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival Guild one of the classes on offer included the filming of a scene in the upcoming feature Skydog (formerly Lifestone Velocity). I got to play former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Dr. Alistair Walker, and my character was interviewed by the character played by Beth Becka, who was the acting coach on War Room and also played the principal role of Julia in what was the number one film in America when I first posted this, over Labor Day Weekend, no less! Beth went on to serve as acting coach on two other Kendrick Brothers' films: Like Arrows and Overcomer.

Here are the platforms that SKYDOG is on so far: Google PlayFandangoNow, iTunesVimeoMicrosoft Xbox, Youtube.  
Performing with War Room's
Beth Becka 

Co-directors Daniel Knudsen and Tim Kaiser had a genius idea! They got a scene filmed which called for a classroom filled with students, and the students got a great opportunity to watch an actual film in process. Throughout the class Daniel would talk to the class about his approach to directing, Beth and I gave insights as actors, and we had a major bonus! As we were setting up for the shoot/class Jim Goodwin, who was doing sound for 19 Kids and Counting at the time, popped his head into the classroom and asked if we could use his help. After he set up his gear the value of the sound equipment on hand jumped exponentially. Jim also popped in throughout the process to explain things like how he was changing the location of lapel mics to work with the camera angles. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Later in the year I got to coach Jonathan DeRoos for his scene in Skydog while he was a student of ours at The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp. Other students took up roles from his scenes, so I was able to help Jonathan prepare to be on set in Detroit where the bulk of principal photography took place. In the actual scene he played the boyfriend of a character played by a former student of mine, Vickie Smith.

Committing the scene and the whole
film to the glory of God. Left to right:
Jim Goodwin, Daniel Knudsen,
Rich Swingle, Beth Becka.
This is seventh feature film either directed and/or produced by twenty-something Daniel Knudsen. I've been able to perform in four of his previous films: Creed of Gold, Courageous Love, Indescribable, and I first met him on Christmas Grace. I also performed in two episodes of his series The King's Messengers.

Here's the trailer for Skydog:


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