In His Steps for a Soup Kitchen

Enjoying a Milky Mulkey Mocha
with the Mulkeys who inspired it.

On my tour of the Northwest I got to perform The Revelation with musical interludes by Ron Mulkey, who was my youth pastor a few decades back. It was such a joy to work with him again!

The next evening they hosted some poor from the community for a meal. I'd served many such meals during my days as an intern at The Lamb's Theatre in NYC, so I threw on the plastic gloves, apron and a grin. Afterward we invited them to watch In His Steps, in which I play a character who runs a soup kitchen. Right from the opening sequence the diners were talking back to the screen! "That's how it is!" It was telling their story of being kicked when they're down. They traveled with the characters to the challenging finish, closer to the homeless carpenter who died for them. And they were begging for their own copy of the film!

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