Touching the Soul

I attended the Swahili service here this morning with Alice Wamboi Maina, whose mother helped raise my mom and aunt in Kenya. It was such an incredible, exuberant expression of love, joy and faith! At one point the pastor prayed that a tsunami of the Lord's love would flood the hearts of terrorists. I thanked him after the service, and he said love is the strategy that will triumph over all that is wrong in the world.
Another pastor recognized me from my performance of Lazarus there in 2007. He gave me a couple of minutes to speak, and I was so deeply moved by the worship I told them that people go after all sorts of things so their souls will be touched, but many of those things damage their souls, but worshipping the Lord can touch our souls at the deepest levels and there are no bad side effects, only eternal blessings.

Then I asked them to pray for The Dragon and the Raven as we record it this coming week.
One of the pastors mentioned my tribute to Alice's mum, which can be found here:

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